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ProCAD PowerStation 32The heart of ICS design system is ProCAD PowerStation 32, a single EDA workstation which is all you need for Schematic capture through PCB layout with SPECCTRA powered automatic PCB routing, Gerber photoplotter and viewer, and Excellon NC drill file generation.

ProCAD PowerStation 32 is actually Three Editors in one ! - Schematic Capture, PCB Layout & 2-D Mechanical drafting editor.

Real Time Total Integration (Dynamic Data Exchange)
Your PCB layout is completely tied to your Schematic designs. Changes made in either files could be automatically forward or backward annotated. With Real Time Total Integration (RTTI), you get features such as Real Time Pin and Gate Swapping, Real Time Forward and Backward Annotation, Real Time Cross Probing between PCB and Schematic designs in a Multiple Document Interface environment, Real Time Design Rule Checking... etc.

Choice of AutoRouters to meet your needs
Our Standard and Professional packages comes with a high performance gridless autorouter (ProRoute). This router features a probe gridless engine. You have as many as 6 user configurable passes per iteration and the router is completely re-entrant with the ability to protect pre-routes. If you desire a higher performance in autorouting, we also provide an internet based 24/7 un-attended Remote Routing
powered by the full 256 layers DFM, ADV, etc Shape based, rules driven rip-up/retry SPECCTRA Autorouter. This is a first in the industry !!!. You don't have to spend 50K or more for a top of the line autorouter - we'll bean the service to you over the Internet at an affordable price.

High resolution designs as accurate as 1 micron.
With ProCAD PowerStation 32 for Windows, You can design boards as large as 64"x64" in 1 mil resolution. For tighter designs, you may even design in microns !!!.

Host of Interfaces to other EDA/CAD software ...
We support interface to other EDA/CAD softwares such as OrCAD SDT Libraries & OrCAD Capture & Layout (Schematics and PCB) import, Bi-directional P-CAD
PDIF import/export, Protel, PADS and Tango PCB import, Bi-directional AutoCAD DXF import/export, etc.

Host of Output Formats
You may output to virtually any hardware device attached to your computer such as Postscript, ink jet, dot matrix, laser etc. printers, pen plotters (HP, Houston Instruments etc.), Gerber and Laser Photoplotters, Excellon NC drill machines, Prototyping machines etc.

Other Features
We also have a built in component creation editor, 2 sided SMT design, Automatic Ground plane generation (Copper pour and plowing), Curved traces, Network support with file locking and sharing, unlimited no cost technical support for ever !!! etc. You get all the above features for a lot less than our competitions reduced (lite) version. We understand that complex packages are often difficult to understand, so we have made it very intuitive and easy to use. If you are familiar with Windows, you could be productive in a few hours, NOT weeks !!!. For those of you who prefer to evaluate the package before commitment, we provide  ProCAD PowerStation 32 Lite  which does not have an expiration date, but limited to 400 entities for $49.95. If you decide to buy the package, give us a call for the download instructions and proper authorization code. The full amount paid for ProCAD PowerStation 32 Lite is creditable towards the purchase of one of our full systems.

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