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  Online AutoRouting using your IE Browser as a smart graphics terminal

 We are proud to be the first in the industry (and possibly the only one) to introduce Interactive online routing service using the state of the art SPECCTRA on your desktop. All you need to get started is a layout editor such as ProCAD PowerStation 32 capable of generating SPECCTRA design file (.dsn) and importing the finished SPECCTRA routed file (.rte). You use your browser as a smart graphics terminal to full blown SPECCTRA running on our cluster servers in real time 24/7. Click here to register for a FREE trial (1 job limit) usage on your next project or contact sales for more information.

If you have already registered, click here to begin routing >>

Batch Mode Remote Routing Powered by SPECCTRA™

With the Introduction of ProCAD PowerStation 32 V5.0, Interactive CAD Systems has positioned itself as a leader in utilizing the Internet to its fullest potential as an extension of your computer. In this endeavor, we have introduced a first in the industry service captioned "Internet Remote Routing". You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on a router, especially if you do not design a lot of PCB's a year, nor do you have to settle for those "cheap" grided maze routers or "want-to-be artificial intelligent routers". With our remote routing service, you place your components and rat's nest, then submit the job to us for routing over the internet 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 365days/year...... we don't rest... How ?... because it's all un-attended mode automatic routing and billing system. The typical cost for routing is approximately 5 to 15 cents per pin depending on the number of layers desired. A typical job is less than $50.00 and about 30 minutes turnaround time. You are guaranteed the best possible completion rate and best quality routes in the industry. Our dual processor high speed server uses a full blown SP55 SPECCTRA™ router. For added flexibility and user control, you can also submit a "do list" instruction file to the router. When your job is done, you get an automatic e-mail sent to you with a claim number for retrieving your job all from within ProCAD !!!.

Remember, this is an un-attended fast turn around service  at a fraction of what a typical service bureau will charge you, and of course the turn-around is almost instantaneous. All you need is our ProCAD software and an ISP - we do the rest from within ProCAD including dialing your ISP and making the internet connection. No need for clumsy FTP or Browser upload/downloads.

Are you a non ProCAD PowerStation 32 user ?.  If your Layout software supports SPECCTRA for high-end autorouting, you may download our FREE Remote Routing Client software and get all the benefits of SPECCTRA autorouting. Click here for details.

or tea...Take a coffee break while we route your board.....

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